February 2014

Arduino NeoPixel Server Released

Today, I released the code for my Arduino NeoPixel Server project, an embedded, wireless server to control WS2812 LED strips or rings using a simple website. Hardware-wise, it uses the Adafruit CC3000 shield and a 2.9m strip of LEDs, connected to an Arduino Leonardo. More information on the build and the source code can be found here: . For questions and discussions about the project and its development, feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

Arduino CC3000 Library from Adafruit forked

Today I forked the Adafruit CC3000 library for Arduino, to get my local changes to said library into the open. The GitHub repository can be found here: . The changes are mainly concerning binary size, as the Arduino project, I have in development, would not fit onto an Arduino Leonardo otherwise. The modifications are based on the CC3000_TINY_DRIVER preprocessor define, that was already present and extend its range, while also providing the CC3000_SECURE preprocessor define to not strip the WPA authentication code. I also converted the error messages to codes, which saved enough flash memory to make the library usable on a microcontroller with 28kB of flash available to user code on most of the currently available Arduino boards.

Blackguards Released

On January 24 2014, released , a Strategy-RPG game, set in the universe of "The Dark Eye". The game is very well received by almost all players, I came in contact with. While being part of the game development team, I have played the game myself (yeah, we eat our own dog food) and although it can be a bit tough at times, I have enjoyed it very much. I am very proud to be a member of the development team of Blackguards, having developed scene optimization tools and build systems, as well as porting it to Mac OS X and mastering the retail hybrid DVD and the different ESD releases for Mac.